2010. június 7., hétfő


Suhov - Estibít @ RádióMI Szeged (2010-06-06)
a hip-hop csilles oldala...

01-Intuition - Why Would You (Interlude)
02-The Jazzual Suspects - Ba Dada (Original Mix)
03-The Philadelphia Experiment - Philadelphia Experiment (DJ Ghetto remix)
04-Obba Supa - Twighlight Feat. Hennessy
05-Mil - Be the bop
06-Cypress Hill & Fugees - Boom biddy bye bye (eMBoss remix)
07-Crookram - Missione Pericolosa
08-Biz Markie - Games
09-Gramatik - To Follow (Original Mix)
10-The Roots - The Spark
11-A Tribe Called Quest - Stressed Out
12-Frank 'N Dank - Ma Dukes
13-King Kooba - Dopebeatz (Original Mix)
14-The Coup - Repo Man
15-Obba Supa - Chanelist Feat. Floating Points On Keys
16-Fakt - Pocokmese
17-Elaquent - Twighlight Afternoon (Baby Blue)
18-The Philadelphia Experiment - Call For All Demons
19-The Philadelphia Experiment - Mister Magic (DJ Ghetto remix)
20-Funkadelic - Music For My Mother